Education’s Relativity to the Political Spectrum

September 2, 2008

I have frequently been told that well-educated people are more likely to vote liberally.  However, no one has ever told me where on the left wing these educated people fall.  Certainly they can’t be on the far left, for their education would appeal to their logic and reason — they would eventually realize that the extreme pole of anything is illogical.  In that case, wouldn’t intellectuals and the like comprise the moderate middle of the spectrum, as opposed to the far left?


One Response to “Education’s Relativity to the Political Spectrum”

  1. Brian J. Murtha Says:

    I have heard the same thing, and it may be true. That is because “highly educated” does not mean intelligent. People who vote for socialist party (it can no longer be called democratic–the republicans are now the democrats and the democrats are socialists) may have gone through a great deal of college, but unless they are intelligent enough to look past the end of their noses, they will never realize just how incredulous and short sighted their liberal professors’ opinions were.

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