“No School September 11th”

September 9, 2008

Online, I’ve been reading quite a few notes and bulletins and blog posts (from junior/senior high students) encouraging all kids to stay home from school on September 11th.  Their justification is that school is cancelled to commemorate past presidents and other deceased figures in history, and so why should schools be open on the anniversary of the latest national tragedy — which most can remember?

While the idea may be admirable and perhaps a bit romantic, I feel that pausing the education process to mourn the loss of thousands of Americans does nothing but remind the enemy that they’ve succeeded in crippling us.  Families should mourn their losses privately, but I don’t believe that we should broadcast the footage nationally, or in any other way further cause them grief.


One Response to ““No School September 11th””

  1. Brian J. Murtha Says:

    Here’s the deal. Kids will use any excuse to stay home from school. 99.9% of them have no special conviction that makes them want to stay home an mourn and cry and curl up in a ball and do whatever the hell else all the people who are still mourning for 9/11 and MLK Jr do. Ask anyone who wants either of these two days off what they have ever done to remember the victims of 9/11 or MLK Jr (donating money to the NAACP mafia doesn’t count). I can nearly guarantee that they will start by making some unintelligible gesticulation and then progress to calling you a racist or a non-patriot. Not working is what socialist euro-trash does. Here in America, we believe in honoring our heroes by going to work and accomplishing something (well, ok, the welfare slobs don’t, but real Americans do) and moving forward. As far as televising it, whatever. I think its nice that people show up to remember the victims of 9/11. What pisses me off is when they ONLY DO IT ON 9/11. Remember them by voting for a president who is going to keep it from happening again. Remember them by thanking a veteran who risked his life to protect your right to whine about American imperialism.

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