Intolerant Liberals

October 30, 2008

It seems to me that Liberals, who are supposedly all about acceptance, are the least accepting people when it comes to opposition to their own views.  Studying on a liberal arts campus, I find myself in the extremely small minority of Conservatives.  However, when asked about my political views, I’m not about to remain quiet.  The first time, one of my Liberal friends walked away.  The second time, another friend blew cigarette smoke in my face (to which I replied with, “I thought Liberals didn’t want to offend anyone!”).  Most recently, two of my friends have just been really snarky.  I find myself being far more tolerant than all of them combined.  How pathetic.


These stories have been around for a short time now, but I still felt the need to post this short video clip (granted, it’s short, and I’m sure he somehow backed it up and made creating a second National Guard seem perfectly reasonable and legitimate, especially since it seems a lot of people *liberals* are already against the military spending).

And there’s even an Obama Youth video!! Sieg Hiel!